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Chandler's Wild Life
  • Eyes_Never_Lie


    Күн мурун

    Homeboy looking like The american “LIMON” from NARCOS WITH THIS FUNKY HAIR STYLE LMAO😂

  • æ exøl

    æ exøl

    13 күн мурун

    Really I love your videos ❤

  • Matt Rivera

    Matt Rivera

    13 күн мурун

    Chandler and Tyler need to work with the Irwins in Australia and make a show. That would be 🥇🥇🥇(gold)

  • Germaica


    14 күн мурун

    What kind of enclosures are the grey ones ?We've got no producer of these in Germany i think.....

  • marilyn richards

    marilyn richards

    20 күн мурун

    its very sad that you think your entitled to take these poor snakes from there natural enviroment and think you own them you dont id like to let them all go they belong to nature

  • Guilherme Montenegro

    Guilherme Montenegro

    25 күн мурун

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTNfHloJg80 thats the largest viper from south america

  • Smeraldo


    26 күн мурун

    That aggressive cobra guy was trying to knock u twice in a row in 3:46 and 4:34 man 🤨

  • Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy

    29 күн мурун

    Would be very nice to keep a honey badger with your snakes

  • Frederick Wozniak

    Frederick Wozniak

    Ай мурун

    3:50 is that cobra kai the on on top?

  • JP


    Ай мурун

    I cried when he fed the rats to the snakes my RAT ranger asked me where all his siblings went when they weren't adopted and I had to explain

  • De Waal Van Der Colff

    De Waal Van Der Colff

    Ай мурун

    4:10 fuck dude. You gave me a light heart attack 😂😂

  • Kelly Harkness

    Kelly Harkness

    Ай мурун

    More lace monitor videos

  • Jennifer Sokulski

    Jennifer Sokulski

    Ай мурун

    Chandler : HoLy FuDgE nUgEt

  • YoungProphecy1996


    Ай мурун

    Let’s get to the bangers it’s going be epic lol.

  • Anna Abney

    Anna Abney

    Ай мурун

    im glad u are the one handling them. i used to have an iguana years ago it was still ababy it was a foot long i say ababy anyways it developed an infection one of its back legs started getting bigger than the rest but we didnt know that it had an infection we took it too a vet he was suppose to have dealt with special animals and the regular animals he gave petey a shot between his scales and we took petey home well the next day i found his head in his water dish. i think he drowned because he was so weak he couldnt left his head up.i didnt do my homework on them i want to get another one but im afraid too because i dont want to kill it. petey would take a nap with me i had a cat at the time but they were best friends they would lay together on the bed but im afraid thats how he got the infection we loved to pet him and take him out of his enclosure i found out they also carry salmanella. any suggestions on how to care for one if i got another one i dont want to get it infected and die.

  • Fitzgeezy


    Ай мурун

    “What the fffudge nugget” 😂

  • Eric Mangual

    Eric Mangual

    Ай мурун

    Love all of your videos... but that's up with your 1980's porn star hair?

  • T. Wallace

    T. Wallace

    Ай мурун

    Fantastic stuff Chandler! So fun to see you do yo thing.

  • Cash Luther

    Cash Luther

    Ай мурун

    King tut died young

  • Daniel Laird

    Daniel Laird

    Ай мурун

    I just can't wait till dingo meets up with chandler and Tyler I know there is something in the plans for it. it was supposed to of happened last year but covid happened. can you imagine those 3 getting together for a video chandler with his energy and knowledge dingo with his daring and Tyler with his chill just chill attitude that would make one heck of a video. not to mention with all that knowledge in one place what they wouldn't know I don't think you would get one page in a book all bloody great at their videos.

  • Overseer Throne

    Overseer Throne

    Ай мурун

    so uh what happened to your hair?

  • Soto’s Channel

    Soto’s Channel

    Ай мурун

    Wuzup bro needed advice about feeding my ball python he’s 2 months and didn’t eat it’s been week since I got him

  • David Drenning

    David Drenning

    Ай мурун

    Gabion vipers are so elegant

  • Ryan Moore

    Ryan Moore

    Ай мурун

    The gaboon viper is absolutely my favorite venous species. So beautiful!!

  • Line Haul Life

    Line Haul Life

    Ай мурун

    Super cool video my friend. I cannot wait to come to the new facility and finally get to meet you bro. Just so you know I am representing here in Montana my friend I have a chandlers wildlife sticker on the back of my F150. See you soon bro. Stay safe stay healthy and stay “GANGSTER “

  • Damien Khwan

    Damien Khwan

    Ай мурун

    Damn I ain’t watch him for like a year his hair grew

  • Agent Clark

    Agent Clark

    Ай мурун

    King Tut was like "Hey, man! Quiet, and down in front!"

  • Joshua Puga

    Joshua Puga

    Ай мурун

    How are you able to handle all of them snacks

  • Donny Marvine

    Donny Marvine

    Ай мурун

    malayan pit viper also bites and kills it prey same way like gaboon viper

  • Hannah Hopkins

    Hannah Hopkins

    Ай мурун

    Hi chandler

  • Dalton D

    Dalton D

    Ай мурун

    Love the king cobra

  • Molly Wood

    Molly Wood

    Ай мурун

    Go Chandler

  • Dean


    Ай мурун

    That Egyptian cobra is absolutely insane, defiantly one of my favorite species, probably even my favorite animal period.

  • Angus McFife

    Angus McFife

    Ай мурун

    After 12 minutes of jump scares the elevator music at the end was quite lovely lol.



    Ай мурун

    When you will cut your hair?

  • The flying Handbag

    The flying Handbag

    Ай мурун

    Proper 70s porn star hair do ❤️😂😂🙈 go in chandler you naughty boy

  • Jessica Bailey

    Jessica Bailey

    Ай мурун

  • Tier1216


    Ай мурун

    I love how much happy emphasis you put on cage safety for all your snakes! No big deal, just keep everything locked up nice and safe. Watching the gaboon vipers eat was epic too

  • Elliot Perez

    Elliot Perez

    Ай мурун

    Hello everyone if you're not watching Chandler's wildlife you can't be part of his wild world Ruth you're amazing

  • DTP614_


    Ай мурун


  • Juan Quirino

    Juan Quirino

    Ай мурун

    Can we get chandler with a haircut back 🥺

  • Maltino


    Ай мурун

    Are the female snakes, like King Cobras, more defensive than males?

    • Maltino


      Ай мурун

      @Chandler's Wild Life Thanks💜

    • Chandler's Wild Life

      Chandler's Wild Life

      Ай мурун

      It all depends on the individual’s personality, not sex related!🐍

  • Random Stuff

    Random Stuff

    Ай мурун


  • Emir Danial

    Emir Danial

    Ай мурун

    i love your videos man, your vids cured my depression :-) and kevin is by far my absolute favourite

  • Carli Rivera

    Carli Rivera

    Ай мурун

    Cool!! I’d love for you to make a video feeding your rattlesnakes. We haven’t seen them in a while!! And another of feeding Ziggy, those videos of Ziggy feeding never get old!!!

  • Tim Gabbard

    Tim Gabbard

    Ай мурун

    How did you get in to handling venomous reptiles and snakes and stuff..

  • Tomáš Jenčo

    Tomáš Jenčo

    Ай мурун

    11:04 "down the rodent" - this is what watching hours of reptile content has done to me

  • Bon Bon

    Bon Bon

    Ай мурун

    Chandler: *posting videos daily*
    My mental health: *not so bad, I guess*

    • Jade Allmond

      Jade Allmond

      Ай мурун

      Absolutely ☺️🤍🤍🤍

    • Janneke Stratmann

      Janneke Stratmann

      Ай мурун

      Yes! I have found someone else with this!

  • M Celina

    M Celina

    Ай мурун

    Chandler, you really need a haircut lol

  • ChakaGamer


    Ай мурун

    That was a good one Chandler, we sneacked up on you. Lol that was good. That's what I meant. Can you do more like that.

  • Roko S

    Roko S

    Ай мурун

    Damn, they're beautiful

  • MikeHawk


    Ай мурун

    do you write the feeding days and what they eat down in a list or how you know when to feed them all, you got sooo much :D

  • silverlady 111

    silverlady 111

    Ай мурун

    Gaboon vipers are such beautiful looking snakes

  • The german monitor lizard guy

    The german monitor lizard guy

    Ай мурун

    Amazing. Everything looks so easy.

  • Janneke Stratmann

    Janneke Stratmann

    Ай мурун

    Do your reptiles asociate you with food? i have a (corn)snake myself and at first i fed her in her cage but now shes bitten me a few times thinking im food... a separate bin is breaking that habit!

  • Mona Sommerfeld

    Mona Sommerfeld

    Ай мурун

    Dumb question Chandler you said the bush master could be 12ft 12in would that just be 13ft. Just confused.

  • TheKeonh25


    Ай мурун

    What happened to your black head snake?

  • Jon C

    Jon C

    Ай мурун

    Chandlers 'Beautiful' Counter: 19

  • Drima Chakraborty

    Drima Chakraborty

    Ай мурун

    The Pseudechis papuanus has such... tired eyes......... he's seen some shit in his lifetime.

  • Thomas Tank

    Thomas Tank

    Ай мурун

    If you haven't started a tik tok yet you should. One your videos are really interesting 2 you have such a great personality and 3 your camera guy is awesome

  • Paul Raysam

    Paul Raysam

    Ай мурун

    I must say your a genius much love from uganda

  • growler D13D

    growler D13D

    Ай мурун

    Hello funny man,I'm From INDONESIA 🦎

  • A2


    Ай мурун

    Love your knowledge and fun you provide in the videos you produce.
    Keep on Keepin’ with the positive vibes!
    Can’t wait till the day your facility is open and I can bring my family to enjoy your wild world!

  • Dean


    Ай мурун

    The content is just getting better and better. Keep up the good work these vids are entertaining and enticing

  • Cale Warner

    Cale Warner

    Ай мурун

    Love seeing these guys eat, talk about having fun Chandler your the best

  • Georgia Ruckman

    Georgia Ruckman

    Ай мурун

    I love these Gaboon Vipers beautiful snakes

  • Paul Miner

    Paul Miner

    Ай мурун

    The attention to always locking enclosures before moving on, strikes me as an excellent bit of discipline.

  • LinkaBell GAME

    LinkaBell GAME

    Ай мурун

    Meatball is so calm, then food and he gets so excited it's crazy

  • Paul Miner

    Paul Miner

    Ай мурун

    Long tongs mode

  • Wise 90

    Wise 90

    Ай мурун

    Why do no venomous snake keepers have coral snakes in their collections ? Or do they? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • samasia skipperable

    samasia skipperable

    Ай мурун


  • Dat Best

    Dat Best

    Ай мурун

    I love how energetic and passionate u r about animals

  • Sharon Kenneally

    Sharon Kenneally

    Ай мурун

    Fudge nugget 😀😆😂🤣 so funny !!!!💕

  • Carly Castine

    Carly Castine

    Ай мурун

    Hey Chandler I really love the bathing vid yesterday you should do more of those. And also keep up the good work 😊

  • Krusty Krab

    Krusty Krab

    Ай мурун

    Hey man, excited to visit this insane reptile park you are gonna have soon. It would be crazy to work there someday to get venomous hours in. You got the best snake content around.

  • MC Junior

    MC Junior

    Ай мурун

    Spicy meatballs mamamya '''''''''

  • William Hopkins

    William Hopkins

    Ай мурун

    Hi Chandler

  • Archie Grant

    Archie Grant

    Ай мурун

    Gaboon merch would be awosme to see

  • stlmikie


    Ай мурун

    Would ya just look at it?

  • Adam O

    Adam O

    Ай мурун


  • Kat Phipps

    Kat Phipps

    Ай мурун

    So many beautiful snakes in your collection!! Hard to say which is my fav from today’s video. But in my opinion Meatball had the coolest little clip!

  • Houston


    Ай мурун

    Chandler please put black tape lines on the ground across the floor in 1 foot segments so we can really get a good idea of scale/how large your snakes are (particularly the cobras) it will also help you sorta measure their growth easily. Please please do it. It would be amazing

  • derek spicer

    derek spicer

    Ай мурун

    Can you put a camera on the inside kid of your soaking container so we can see the soak and drink water

  • Darshna Rach

    Darshna Rach

    Ай мурун

    Thank you ruth and chandler more great content

  • Nik Trefusis

    Nik Trefusis

    Ай мурун

    So amazing!!!!!

  • homer ko

    homer ko

    Ай мурун

    We haven't seen your black headed python in a long time.

  • Theresa Williams

    Theresa Williams

    Ай мурун

    You, Tyler and Justin have the best video's!

  • Captineagle McDaniel

    Captineagle McDaniel

    Ай мурун

    What happened to pinky the gaboon viper

  • Kevin Fouts

    Kevin Fouts

    Ай мурун

    Hey chandler, do you have any connections in northern Indiana with people willing to do mentorships?

  • Kurtis Taddey

    Kurtis Taddey

    Ай мурун

    Love gaboons and rhino vipers

  • Tina Shew

    Tina Shew

    Ай мурун

    Is the Gaboon as soft and velvety as it looks? I just wonder!!??

  • casey bachus

    casey bachus

    Ай мурун

    Kevin: don't cheat on me chandler.

  • Susan Martin

    Susan Martin

    Ай мурун

    I thought for sure you were going to say A HUGE HUGE SPIIIIII DER 😨🕷

  • Melody Silverknight

    Melody Silverknight

    Ай мурун

    That first gaboon you fed looks so much like pinkie your old gaboon. I miss her so much and love your videos 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Michelle Sorenson

    Michelle Sorenson

    Ай мурун

    .....and for the boys in the back........... opps sorry! lol

  • Susan Martin

    Susan Martin

    Ай мурун

    You just said, "Atoogaboon"... yes I heard you when you were asking what snake to feed and you said.. and I quote, "how about Atoogaboon"?
    😂😂🤣🤣 that would be a great name for the Tequilla or other bottle of Spirits that I see you either creating or endorsing in your future!! Steve Irwin finally has a true competitor Chandler. So many things you do remind me and MANY OTHERS (Clint Laidlaw for one) of Steve when he was your age... it's cool to witness!!

  • Kendra Sowell

    Kendra Sowell

    Ай мурун

    Chandler, your Gaboon Vipers are absolutely Beautiful!!! I love their patterns. I can’t wait till you move into your new facility. So excited 😊.
    From North Carolina :)

  • Detvanliga


    Ай мурун

    Gave you a thumbs down for the spicy meatball.

  • Tristan Mcclure

    Tristan Mcclure

    Ай мурун

    Man you all are knocking out the content lately! Love it. #MulletMadness

  • Kayla Pugh

    Kayla Pugh

    Ай мурун

    Loved the Vlog